General information on the computing directory

Because we fear that many of our less sophisticated visitors will automatically dismiss freeware as necessarily outdated or public domain software, we really cannot recommend too strongly that if you are not already using freeware, you read our notes on freeware. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

It is important to note that we have limited our directory of goods and services to those that are specifically directed toward the Jewish community, such as Hebrew fonts and software specifically designed for data processing for synagogues and Jewish schools. We trust that our readers will therefore not be upset that their favorite computer stores may not appear here, while much less known outlets may.

Finally, you should also note that many products that are associated with computers fall into a grey area between computing and other disciplines. One example of such an object that is neither fish nor fowl is that of an electronic version of a book. It is neither a conventional publication, nor is it properly software. When we must make decisions in this sort of situation, we tend to list suppliers in the category that fits the bulk of their activity, with duplication and cross-references where appropriate.

A second, particularly telling example of the problem of classifying material that concerns activities in which computers are conspicuously used is that of Internet resources like news groups and mailing lists. We think that computing is secondary for such items, and we list them in appropriate cultural or other areas.

Thus, we offer the following advice for finding material in areas in which computers are used: If you think that the supplier or end user is more interested in the computer than the subject in which you are interested, look in the computing directory. However, if computing is merely a means to an end, as in the examples above, check the areas where you would look if no computers were involved, e.g., publishers, culture, news sources, etc.


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