Elementary School Students Start

Think about programming


Learning programming from elementary and junior high school students is becoming popular.
Programming classes for children are also increasing.
Is it necessary to learn programming?
Do I need to start compulsory programming with a compulsory education except for my child who wants to start?
Everyone shouldn’t force it all.
I think so personally.
I think that is true for all studies.
However, I believe that everyone can benefit from thinking if it would be a plus.
Learning programming helps to understand society today.
And in any future work, that experience will come alive.
Even if you are not involved in programming as an engineer, knowing programming is useful for proposing and understanding what technologies are available and what kinds of projects can be done.

Possible or impossible

Is it possible for children to program?
Yes, I can.
That’s an immediate answer.
Isn’t it really a fun way for students to do programming?
This is because arithmetic and mathematics are essential for programming.
However, there are many children who are addicted to the game.
Programming also helps to develop logical thinking skills.
Every time, I start to think about why things didn’t work and how to improve them.

Do you think that programming is something that sciences do?
Do you think that you and your parents are not suitable for children who don’t like math?
But it’s not an era of dividing that way.
At least, there are a lot of children who are not good at arithmetic but love games.

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