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For programming languages, there are php and java, but there are not such languages, but there are programming languages ​​for elementary school students.
That is the visual programming language.
To put it simply, it is programming that can be done with visual things such as images and pictures.
A feature of this visual programming language is that many things can be done offline.
There are many types of this language as well.
Each of them can be fun like a game, so even children who don’t like or are not good at math will be motivated to do it themselves.
And I’m glad that most of them are free.
Let’s take a closer look at the next.

Kind for children

The first language in visual programming languages ​​is the language called scratch.
Although it is a language often used in programming classes for children in Japan, it was originally created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has a high penetration rate overseas.
The operation is very simple.

Next is programming.
Because it was created by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it is a recommended language for those who study programming as an education.
It was created with the intention of raising creativity for children, so many people might be involved in the game.

There is also a moon block.
As it is common to visual languages, it has game characteristics and is

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