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Because we fear that many of our less sophisticated visitors will automatically dismiss freeware as necessarily outdated or public domain software, we really cannot recommend too strongly that if you are not already using freeware, you read our notes on freeware. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. It is important to note that we […]


Notes on Free Software – In the realm of software, those who believe in the infallibility of the adage, “You get what you pay for” may be disappointed: There is quite an extensive body of extremely high quality, copyright-protected, well maintained and up-to-date software that can be had essentially for the asking. The terms under which you can […]

A Matter of Pikuach Nefesh Your Webmaster Needs Your Help Now

A Matter of Pikuach Nefesh The astute among the several hundred who visit our site each month (note that our “hit” counter was recently reset to a random number for technical reasons) will have noted that it has not been updated for something over two years, and for this I apologize: I have been preoccupied […]

Recommended Language

Programming language Visual programming language For programming languages, there are php and java, but there are not such languages, but there are programming languages ​​for elementary school students. That is the visual programming language. To put it simply, it is programming that can be done with visual things such as images and pictures. A feature […]

Elementary School Students Start

Think about programming Significance Learning programming from elementary and junior high school students is becoming popular. Programming classes for children are also increasing. Is it necessary to learn programming? Do I need to start compulsory programming with a compulsory education except for my child who wants to start? Everyone shouldn’t force it all. I think […]

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